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Picnic Basket

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Address: Wasl port building 10 - shop 22 Al Mina St - Al Mina - Dubai

PIDProduct NamePRICEProduct Image
2Chatwaale Paneer Skewers22Product Image
5Chicken Chilli Garlic Basil Skewers 25Product Image
10Spicy Whole Chicken (w/ mince stuffing & gravy on the side.)75Product Image
21Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich (4 slices)19Product Image
22Vegetable Grill Sandwich (4 slices)29Product Image
23Paneer Chilli Grill Sandwich (4 slices)29Product Image
24Boiled Egg (4 slices)19Product Image
25Omelette (4 slices)19Product Image
26Chicken Sandwich (4 slices) 25Product Image
27Chicken Tikka (4 slices)25Product Image
28Ham N Cheese (4 slices)35Product Image
29Lotus Sandwich (4 slices)19Product Image
30Jam Sandwich (4 slices)19Product Image
31Cheese Chilli Toasted29Product Image
32Cheese Chilli & Oman Chips (Open Grilled)35Product Image
33Cheese Chilli Chicken & Oman Chips (Open Grilled)35Product Image
34Ham Cheese Tomato & Lettuce39Product Image
35Batata Poha + Chai25Product Image
36Veg Cutlets 25Product Image
37Poori Bhaji & Shrikhand 29Product Image
38Paneer Bhurji & Pav 29Product Image
39Pancakes (Fruit Honey Jam & Cream)35Product Image
40French Toast35Product Image
41Avocado on Toast 45Product Image
42Mutton Keema Pattice35Product Image
43Eggs Florentine35Product Image
44Eggs Benedict39Product Image
45Butter Chicken Keema & Pav39Product Image
46Mutton Keema & Pav45Product Image
47Masala Baked Beans Toast Sausage 2 eggs & Hash brown Product Image
48Sunny Side-Up19Product Image
49Soft Scramble25Product Image
50Omelette25Product Image
51Bhurji Pav25Product Image
52Devilled Egg25Product Image
53Stuffed Omelette29Product Image
54Akuri (Parsi Bhurji)29Product Image
55Butter9Product Image
56Jam/Honey/Cheese9Product Image
57Mashed Potato9Product Image
58Hash Browns9Product Image
59Creamy Mushroom15Product Image
60Baked Beans/ Masala Baked Beans19Product Image
61Ham/Sausages25Product Image
62Turkey Bacon25Product Image
63Cream of Mushroom 19Product Image
64Cream of Vegetable 19Product Image
65Sunshine (Butternut Squash) 19Product Image
66Cream of Chicken 25Product Image
67Spinach Pistachio 25Product Image
683 Bean Salad29Product Image
69Summer Salad29Product Image
70Papaya Salad29Product Image
71Chicken Caesar Salad35Product Image
72Caprese Puffs Veg19Product Image
73Veg Lasagna25Product Image
74Baked Potato & Sour Cream Corn29Product Image
75Cheese Macaroni39Product Image
76Caprese Puffs Chicken Salami25Product Image
77Creamy Chicken & Mashed Potato39Product Image
78Honey Roast Chicken & Sweet Potato39Product Image
79Chicken Cafreal & Pav39Product Image
80Shepherd's Pie45Product Image
81Bolognese Chicken & Garlic Bread45Product Image
82Bolognese Lamb & Garlic Bread49Product Image
83Muffins 9Product Image
84Chocolate Volcano15Product Image
85Brownie with Icecream29Product Image
86Lemon Cake (x2)19Product Image
87Vanilla Fruit Slices (x2)19Product Image
88Double Chocolate Dark Cookies25Product Image
89Peanut Butter Cookies25Product Image
90Small Square Tres Leches Cake29Product Image
91Chocolate Excess (Ice Cream)49Product Image
92Brioche6Product Image
93Doughnut (Chocolate Cinnamon Sugar Cinnamon Coffee Nutella White Chocolate Strawberry Jam filled Custard-filled)7Product Image
94Pav8Product Image
95Soft Baguettes9Product Image
96Garlic Baguettes14Product Image
97Mamaroti (Chocolate Nutella Coffee)Small 9 / Large 14Product Image
98Multigrain Bread (500g/1kg)Small 19 / Large 35Product Image
99Whole Wheat Bread (500g/1kg)Small 19 / Large 35Product Image
100Babka Chocolate Bread (500g/1kg)Small 29 / Large 50Product Image
101Banana Bread49Product Image
102Focaccia Bread (Pre Order)15Product Image
103Mawa Cake (Pre Order)9Product Image
104Cheesecake (Kid Size/Pre Order)19Product Image
105Blueberry Cheesecake (Pre Order)49Product Image
106Lemon Cheesecake (Pre Order)49Product Image
107Vanilla School Cake (Pre Order)79Product Image
108Orange Walnut Cake (Pre Order)89Product Image
109Walnut Chocolate Cake (Pre Order)99Product Image
110Pineapple Upside Down (Pre Order)99Product Image
113Tres Leches Cake (Pre Order)119Product Image
114Banana Cardamon19Product Image
115Banana Thandai19Product Image
116Strawberry 19Product Image
117Pineapple19Product Image
118Avocado Vanilla19Product Image
119Mango19Product Image
120Lemonade15Product Image
121Orange Squash 15Product Image
122Raspberry15Product Image
123Mango Crush15Product Image
124Mango Panna Fresh15Product Image
125Soft Drink9Product Image
126Water6Product Image
127Masala Chaas19Product Image
128Sweet Lassi19Product Image
129Salted Lassi 19Product Image
130Rose Lassi19Product Image
131Kesar Pista19Product Image
132Mango Lassi19Product Image
133Thandai15Product Image
134Strawberry15Product Image
135Chocolate15Product Image
136Rose15Product Image
137Mango15Product Image
138Pista15Product Image
139Lotus15Product Image
140Nutella15Product Image
141Kesar Pista15Product Image
142Karak Tea9Product Image
143Cutting Chai9Product Image
144Mint Cardamom Chai9Product Image
145Black Tea9Product Image
146Bun Maska & Chai9Product Image
147Green Tea9Product Image
148Chamomile Tea15Product Image
149Iced Tea (Peach Mint Lemon)15Product Image
150Kashmiri Kava25Product Image
151Kashmiri Sheer Chai25Product Image
152English Breakfast Teapot29Product Image
153Cold Coffee19Product Image
154Cold Coffee & Ice Cream29Product Image
155Filter Coffee (Concoction)15Product Image
156Mehfil Coffee19Product Image
157Lattes19Product Image
158Cappuccino15Product Image
159Americano15Product Image
160Espresso Shot8Product Image
161Cappuccino & Sliced Cake19Product Image
162Latte & Sliced Cake25Product Image